Building muscle on a low-meat, vegetarian or vegan diet


I’m an omnivore, but I wanted to share these resources on building muscle on a vegetarian or vegan diet.  In the past, I’ve had trouble sustaining a meat-free diet while training hard, without being really hungry all the time and stalling in my progress.  But many high-performing athletes do it well–they’ve just done a better job in eating diverse sources of protein from vegetable sources.

Too many times, vegetarians argue that “you don’t need that much protein, Americans get too much protein more than they need anyway,” and that’s just not true if you have an athletic lifestyle.  Eating a low-meat diet, I really feel the difference if I’m not getting enough protein.  These resources acknowledge that, and then give concrete suggestions for actually getting enough protein to power your training regimen.

Vegetarian Diets for Athletes:

Vegans who Lift:



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